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Welcome to iAmJC. I Am Jesus Connection!

To Hear Some Really Recent Raps please go to the Music Page or to learn more about Jesus Connection read on below…
Jesus Connection is Christian Rap band that is led by me, Daniel Owens. I write and produce my own lyrics. When I was seventeen years old I made my first rap cd called, “The Jesus Connection, The Next Generation”. The first time I did my rap publicly was when I was sixteen years old and performed a Christian rap song on the stage at my high school after being encouraged by my friends to do that I soon became interested in writing….

The Jesus Connection is independent and has not yet been signed. However, we have music available for free to listen to on this site and the offer to request a free cd. If you are so excited and can’t wait we are on apple’s itunes music database which means that the album or individual songs which you can purchase online and receive them immediately. Please click here to go to itunes.

As a Christian rap band, The Jesus Connection’s two main focuses are to:

Provide others with music that is inspiring and uplifting.
Provide music that is Bible Based.
Thanks for reading.